September 8th: Transitioning to Cloud Accounting with Primasia

Are you ready to embrace the future of accounting? Primasia’s certified Xero business advisors can help you quickly and easily transition from traditional accounting to cloud accounting. Xero is a powerful and easy to use online accounting system that can help your business streamline invoicing, including processing the same invoice for multiple customers, take a photo of a receipt and submit it instantly as a business expense, giving you mobile access and real-time updates, and much more. Being a great tool with multiple features, Xero will help you better organise your business and keep your accounting well-maintained  so you can meet tax deadlines and manage payroll quickly and efficiently. 



One of the biggest advantages Xero can provide you and your business with is the flexibility to run your business from anywhere you have internet access. You’ll be able to access your business finances anytime, using the Xero app that works on all mobile devices, phones, and tablets. Upon download, you will have instant access to your cloud accounting software and the ability to manage your account remotely. For example, you’ll have the ability to create invoices instantly when needed and send them over to your clients, keeping everything neatly organized. Xero offers over 40 interactive reports and budgets that are available in real time- so you can view and share them with your advisor or business partner on demand. No more waiting for month end to see how your business is performing.

September 16th

Security is key when is comes to financials, and Xero protects your data with multiple layers of encryption.  No one can access your organization’s data except you, unless you invite them into your account. You can control what users can see and do in Xero.


As a Silver Partner of Xero, Primasia is uniquely set up to help your business transition to Xero, provide Xero training to your employees, assist with audit and tax filing and help you understand how your business is performing. Contact Primasia today for assistance with your cloud accounting and business needs– our experts will have you up and running fast!

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