September 23rd: Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Creativity

While there is no instant solution to unlock instant business success, there is the voice of experience. Primasia Corporate Services is the leading professional provider of corporate services and has been for over 30 years. We have vast experience in assisting companies from around the world in expanding their business into Asia, particularly in Hong Kong, China, and other offshore jurisdictions. During our years in business we’ve met with and assisted many young entrepreneurs and seen some of the key traits that can both make, and break, a new start-up company. Today we will talk about creativity, which may be the most important attribute for successful entrepreneurs to cultivate.

Creativity is the key to being able to adapt to and solve potential and unforeseeable problems that could arise. This is normal with all new business ventures. Creativity is behind the ability to innovate and see new perspectives ultimately empowering business leaders to pursue their vision for their company. All businesses start with an idea. Where would you be without one in the first place?

So how can you unlock your entrepreneurial creativity? We have a few suggestions for you below:


It’s a good idea to unplug from today’s modern devices for a time and engage in some routine tasks that can let your mind wander a bit. Think things with repetitive motions, this can be washing dishes by hand, sweeping, or even walking on a treadmill. By letting your mind wander while doing these rote movements you free your mind to take those flights of fancy– and end up increasing your creative thought processes.

Get Hands On

Start using your hands for things other than your keyboard. Creative thinking has been linked to the neurological network in your brain, and when you practice a skill that requires intense hand-eye coordination it helps stimulate that section of your brain. Hobbies that require you to use your hands, like painting, sketching, knitting, etc, will help you create new neural connections and trigger your innovative skills.

Seek Out New Experiences

Do you have a daily routine you rarely deviate from? This could be clogging your creative flow. When you’re “stuck” in the same routine, doing the same things over and over again, it leaving little room for thinking out of the box. So, go take that vacation you’ve been thinking about, read a new book, strike up a convo with a stranger, try learning a new language (or hobby). Inspiration can come from strange places sometimes, you never know where the idea that leads you to solving an issue with your company, or powers your way to success, will come from!

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