October 15th: E-Commerce Attracting Online Shoppers with these Must-Have Features

Do you run an e-commerce shop? Are you ready to take part in China’s thriving e-commerce market? In china, the possibilities are endless; especially for high-end luxury brands and goods! Primasia offers China E-Commerce solutions for your online business, including locating the perfect online platform, E-commerce account setup, account management, and more. Whatever your requirements, we can help you succeed! Contact today!

All websites are unique in their own way, designed to stand out to your target consumers. Trends come and go therefore, making small adjustments a must, but overall your e-commerce site need to be designed with certain elements that keep you relevant and competitive.

Read on below to learn three must-have features for your website, designed to attract online shoppers:

For starters, your priority is making sure your website is User-Friendly. Ultimately your aim is to help shoppers get to what they want fast and without running into unnecessary steps that can obstruct the path to purchasing. To make your e-commerce site more user-friendly consider adding search functionality with an auto complete option and ensure you have clear, effective visual navigation with minimal wording.

Next on the list is creating a Mobile-Friendly Website. Did you know that mobile shopping accounts for 50% of online transactions? For example, Walmart increased mobile sales by 98% after optimizing its mobile site! It doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of product pages or only five creating a mobile-friendly experience for your shoppers will improve your sales.

Think about adding a Related Items feature. Simply seeing the phrase, “you might like this” on an e-commerce site can boost sales and create buyer-consumer rapport. For example: Your buyer saves a gold necklace to their shopping cart, a section appears that says “You might like this…” and shows matching earrings and/or bracelet. When an online seller uses the related items feature to sell more, it communicates to the buyer that “they get me.”

Asia’s e-commerce explosion continues to be highly profitable for entrepreneurs, with booming online sales and a market base that continues to love the convenience of online shopping. Companies are keeping pace with the changing technology as well as consumer expectations as ecommerce is continually evolving. Contact Primasia today for assistance in setting up your e-commerce company in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore.

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