June 23rd: Creating a Customer-Centric Business Venture

In today’s market, entrepreneurs attempt to to create customer-friendly start-ups without actually meeting their customers . Instead they are on [CW1] quantitative data, analyzing[CW2]  their competitors, tinkering with spreadsheets, and use number-based thinking [CW3] before and during their new venture. There are many roads entrepreneurs can take to start a new business. To many, the ‘lean startup […]

June 3rd: Motivating Your Team Decrease your Turnover

Imagine this, you’ve started your business and with all the effort you invested, it is now thriving! You are starting to grow and hire more and more employees… and learning what a challenge it is to not only hire the *right* people, but also to *keep* the right people on your team. Motivating your team […]

May 23rd: Hong Kong announces First Virtual Banking Licenses, what does that mean for your Business?

Interested in starting or expanding your Fintech business into Hong Kong? As Asia’s key Industrial and Financial hub, Hong Kong has been an important conduit to mainland China for decades. As a result of this power, nearly every global bank has a presence in Hong Kong. Now, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has announced […]

May 8th: Growing your Company? Hire the Best and Brightest with these tips

Imagine this? Your business is booming and you’ve reached ‘the glass ceiling’ in your area. You are ready to expand! By hiring and offering the best candidates places in your company will not only keep your company afloat but help it thrive. Hiring new staff is one of the most important steps to expansion success, […]

April 24th: Business Success Expanding into the Chinese Market

Are you ready to expand your business into the thriving Chinese market? Or maybe you are an entrepreneur ready to cash in on the world’s largest and fastest-growing e-commerce market? There are plenty of opportunities in China’s 600 billion dollar industry for companies that act quickly! Primasia Corporate Services is your e-commerce partner in China. […]

April 17th: Business Success in Asia: Features of a Successful Entrepreneur

While there is no magic formula for instant business success, there is the voice of experience. Primasia Corporate Services is and has been a leading professional provider of corporate services for over 30 years. We have vast experience in assisting companies in expanding their business to Asia, particularly in Hong Kong, China, and other offshore […]

March 23rd: Time to Try Cloud Accounting with Xero

Traditional accounting is practically obsolete, especially in today’s digital “on the go” world. Primasia is here to help you leap into the future of cloud accounting which we have partnered with Xero, an easy to use and powerful online accounting system, as a certified business advisor. It’s time to embrace the future and transition from […]

March 8th: E-commerce, Luxury Goods, and Generation Z

Ready to take part in China’s E-commerce boom? The possibilities are endless, especially for high-end luxury brands and goods! Primasia Corporate Services offers China E-commerce solutions for your online business, including locating the perfect online platform, E-commerce account setup, account management, and more. Contact us for business success in China– the world’s largest and fastest-growing […]

February 21st: Sourcing the ideal E-commerce platform for 2019

Primasia Corporate Services has been a leading professional provider of corporate services in Hong Kong and China for over 30 years. We’ve been at the forefront of the booming Chinese E-commerce market, which has been growing at a remarkable speed over the last several years. The rapid rise of Chinese Online Shopping Markets, like TMall, […]

February 7th: Primasia Payroll Solutions

Have you considered outsourcing your payroll? Primasia Corporate Service professionals are here to help so you can focus on your business! Our payroll outsourcing solutions were created with the business owner in mind and provide a cost effective and reliable solution to handle some of the more mind-numbing details for you, so you can get […]