Primasia: Company Budget Planning for 2020

Since 1987 Primasia has helped thousands of overseas and local clients set up their companies in Hong Kong and China, including entrepreneurs, consultancies, manufacturers, trading firms, start-ups and SMEs. Our experts have extensive experience in the corporate services industry and provide efficient, responsive and high-quality support to our clients. And now, as we approach the […]

October 15th: E-Commerce Attracting Online Shoppers with these Must-Have Features

Do you run an e-commerce shop? Are you ready to take part in China’s thriving e-commerce market? In china, the possibilities are endless; especially for high-end luxury brands and goods! Primasia offers China E-Commerce solutions for your online business, including locating the perfect online platform, E-commerce account setup, account management, and more. Whatever your requirements, […]

October 23rd: The Benefits of Xero for Your Business

Traditional accounting is limiting, especially in the modern digital world we live in. This is why Primasia Corporate Services Limited has partnered with Xero, an easy to use and powerful online accounting system, as a certified business advisor. It’s time to embrace the future and transition from traditional accounting software and connect and collaborate online […]

October 8th: Small Business Guide to Inventory Accounting

Ready to expand your business into Asia? With over 30 years’ experience, Primasia provides company registration and a wide range of corporate services in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. We are also your partner in Cloud Accounting, as Xero certified business advisors. Our specialists come to you to assist your company in getting up and […]

September 23rd: Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Creativity

While there is no instant solution to unlock instant business success, there is the voice of experience. Primasia Corporate Services is the leading professional provider of corporate services and has been for over 30 years. We have vast experience in assisting companies from around the world in expanding their business into Asia, particularly in Hong […]

September 8th: Transitioning to Cloud Accounting with Primasia

  Are you ready to embrace the future of accounting? Primasia’s certified Xero business advisors can help you quickly and easily transition from traditional accounting to cloud accounting. Xero is a powerful and easy to use online accounting system that can help your business streamline invoicing, including processing the same invoice for multiple customers, take […]

August 23rd~ Primasia: Helping Companies and Startups Spread Their Wings in Hong Kong and China since 1987

Whether you are an upcoming entrepreneur or a big business trying to make it big by expanding past your borders, then look no further than Primasia for help. For businesses already in or looking to get into the Hong Kong and China market, it would be a huge advantage to get in touch as we […]

August 3rd: Business during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

All of us at Primasia would like to remind our international business partners that a major Chinese Holiday is coming, the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, which means for Western Calendars that the 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival will be held on […]

23rd July: Solve Late Payments with Primasia and Xero

Are late payments hurting your business? As Xero certified business advisors, Primasia is your partner in Cloud Accounting and able to assist you in clearing all those late payments quickly!  Our specialists assist you and get your company up and running on the future of accounting– Xero. We will provide the training you need to […]

July 3rd: Three Strategies for Entrepreneurs Stay True to Your Vision.

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner? Since 1987, Primasia Corporate Services has worked with thousands of overseas and local clients, including entrepreneurs, consultancies, manufacturers, trading firms, and start-ups, helping them to set up successfully in Hong Kong, China, and offshore jurisdictions. That means that for over 30 years we’ve seen what works successfully […]