August 23rd~ Primasia: Helping Companies and Startups Spread Their Wings in Hong Kong and China since 1987

Helping Companies and Start-ups Spread Their Wings in Hong Kong and China since 1987

Whether you are an upcoming entrepreneur or a big business trying to make it big by expanding past your borders, then look no further than Primasia for help. For businesses already in or looking to get into the Hong Kong and China market, it would be a huge advantage to get in touch as we are Asia’s top corporate services specialists as well as a Xero cloud accounting partner.

Services Offered by Primasia

Some of the services that we offer include Bank Account Opening, Xero Cloud Accounting, On Going Company Maintenance, Preparing Packing Lists, Reviewing Trade Documents, Source of Potential Business Partners, Payroll Management, Visa Application, Employment Compliance, MPF Registration, Audit Coordination, Tax Compliance, And Company Incorporation among many others.

Once the client company has successfully entered China, they will be given the opportunity to obtain our “full China services” option, which can include Work Visa Applications, Accounting, and Tax Compliance as well as WFOE, RO, And JV Set-Up among others.

Primasia has been in business for almost three decades and is still going strong! The reason? Strong ties to our clients, even with thousands of clients all over the world, we still manage to offer personalised attention to each and every client, giving them unique solutions based on their structure, company requirements, and type of business.

Our clients can attest to Primasia’s top notch customer service – each and every client email is answered within 24 hours, which is impressive especially when putting the size of their catalogue into consideration. So, if your business or startup is thinking about expanding into China or Hong Kong, let our financial experts provide you with the Payroll and Corporate Services that will help your company thrive.

Get back to business, with Primasia Corporate Services. Ready to get started? Email us at or Call 2882 2088 today!

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Hong Kong Headquarters: Suite 1106-08, 11/F., Tai Yau Building, No. 181 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong





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